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Meterize Elementary School

Meterize Elementary School was opened on the 14th of January, 2013, after 3 years of construction. The school is up-to-date equipped and fully adjusted to disabled people.

When we moved into the new school building, two regional – insular schools were incorporated: Zlarin regional School and Prvić Šepurine Regional school.

Today in Meterize Elementary School there are around 350 pupils organized in 16 classes in the main school. There are 8 pupils in Zlarin Regional School (arranged as the combination of 2nd and 4th graders) and 2 pupils attend Prvić Šepurine Regional School (as the combination of 2nd and 3rd grades). They all are taken care of by 55 workers and 4 class assistants. Schooling takes place in the morning.

Since the school was founded, our goal has been to encourage our pupils, not just to master the school programme, but to gain excellence and the constant will to progress. That has given results so far, so our pupils, together with their mentors, regularly gain excellent results at various competitions and reviews. At the national competitions, we achieved: 1st place in technical education, 2nd place in the Croatian language, 3rd place at volleyball twice, 4th place at physics, 5th place at futsal, also 1st place is achieved at the Review of Student Traditional Choirs and 2nd place at the Review of Student Cooperatives. At the Traffic Little School, we regularly achieve first places on The Youth of the Red Cross competitions. Also not to forget to mention, our school has participated in the Šibenik Carnival parade five times and three of which we have been awarded for the best costume.

We are a young organization, eager to demonstrate and desirous for changes so we, through our work and inspiration, change ourselves and our pupils as well. We are very active at humanitarian work, we support every local charity campaign, numerous times we have been raising money for the people in need for example – when there was the flood in Croatian region Slavonia, for the abandoned animals, for our neighbours, pupils and our workers. Therefore, one of the School day celebrations has been organized as learning about the work of humanitarian organizations and helping them. It's our school that encouraged Town of Šibenik to compete for the European Welfare Funds in order to obtain class assistants for the pupils with difficulties. Today this is the regular activity of our founder, and as the result, four pupils from our school realize the privilege to have the class assistant who makes their schooling a lot easier.

With the exception of our charity work and inclusive refinement of our school, we are proud of our athletes. Pupils do many sports, among which volleyball and basketball stand out. At these sports, we achieve envious results at school and sport club competitions. The school gym is always filled up with children. Through the School Sports Club, we conduct a project called "I spin the healthy film" made by the Croatian School Sports Association for the fourth time already (for which we have been awarded twice). Last year we have also conducted the project "Rollin` Šibenik" to bring our pupils to their senses about the importance of exercising and an appropriate diet.

Students cooperative Bovulice ("bovula" is an ornament on the traditional men`s cap from Šibenik) is an important element of pupils management. Under the guidance of their mentors, and through various sections like olive-growing, eco-section, hand-work, our pupils produce and sell their products, they also get new material for new activities with the earned money. This kind of work prepares pupils for undertaking activities and teaches them how to contribute to their future by working independently.

Although we are a new school, we have approved ourselves at our work until now and we are not giving up. Zlarin Regional School is included in the national experimental schooling programme called "The School for Life". Our goal is to become a digitally advanced school, so equipping our classrooms with interactive boards and installing wireless Internet is ongoing. Our plan is to equip our school building with solar boards, we also want to enable extended stay for our pupils, and we want to provide cooked meals for all the pupils.

Well, we have a lot of plans but we also have a staff who can bring them through.

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