Call of Poseidon is a project to engage young generations in behaviour change in the use of water as a natural resource in different domains like seas, energy, water in agriculture. The four schools in Sweden, Spain, Italy and Croatia involved in the project have all the sea as a neighbour, their construction and cultural and historical identity have always been closely linked with the sea and water, so it is urgent to reflect on this resource and make the new generations conscious of the problems of microplastic, pollution, climate change and scarcity of drinking water.

To achieve this goal the idea is to use gamification to make our students completely involved in this topic. Games rules and game thinking will be used in the project Call of Poseidon, called after the famous video game "Call of Duty". We will use gods and goddesses in the game. Poseidon, god of the sea and water, worried about the critical situation, is calling for help. In each country, a mythological god or goddess will give our water-cops (students) clues, points and rewards to help Poseidon fight against the destruction of the aquatic environment.

Given the importance of water in modern times, this project has as its main objective to raise an alert about the school communities for this theme. Aware of the importance of this theme, all partners involved in the project believe that it is the school's role to play a key role in raising the awareness of the urgent need for sustainable water management. Thus, it is intended to work on the theme of water, in a transversal way.