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"Learning is serious fun"

British Junior is a school situated in Eskilstuna, Sweden close to beautiful woodland.
Divided into two buildings on one location, Primary school for ages 4 to 12 and
Secondary for ages 13 – 16, with approximately 900 students in total.

At British Junior, we pride ourselves on maintaining Swedish school culture, blended
with traditional British school values, ensuring our students remain motivated and
engaged throughout their school lives.

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Here, at British Junior, we have incorporated movement and Brain Breaks into our daily lesson schedule, as well as, 2 weekly outdoor lessons. This involves taking mid-lesson, breaks where students are encouraged to physically move around to structured activities. Our school gained national recognition for its work in incorporating movement into lessons and was awarded the PEP School of the year 2021 receiving the award from the Crown Prince of Sweden during his visit to our school.

In 2020, British Junior was the proud recipient of the European Quality award for
Language Teaching for implementing teaching in various modern languages from
year 3.

British Junior's European Quality award for Language Teaching
British Junior vinnare av Europeisk kvalitetsutmärkelse för språksundervisning 2020.