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Los Montecillos secondary school is situated in Coín, in the south of Spain in the province of Málaga, close to the touristic area of the Costa del Sol.

Our school is large -1000 students- and complex, with a wide offer of educational paths: Secondary, Baccalaureate and ICT professional training. We provide our students with extra services: school bus, lunch, canteen or reinforcement lessons in the afternoon.

The school has a large variety of students, most of whom are from working class families. Traditionally the students’ parents used to work in jobs related to construction, but due to the economic crisis, unemployment has become the main problem in our town. For that reason, our students are suffering some difficulties about purchasing materials for school or affording private extra lessons, and they look at their future with some despair and lack of horizons.

On the other hand, “variety” is part of our identity. Students from more than fifteen countries study here. So, the promotion of acceptance, integration and tolerance is a key in our work. The Department of Living Together focuses on those values and develops different strategies.

The school has a staff of around 80 teachers from which a group of eight will be the team of the project.

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Since its birth more than 20 years ago, our school started to settle an international guideline in our work by promoting the learning of languages and different transnational projects with enthusiasm. We have developed some European projects so far (Socrates, Comenius, Erasmus+) as well as a regular exchange of students with a French school and another one with a German school. We have been a bilingual school for more than years, teaching some lessons of non-linguistic subjects in English. To this extent, we also host Trinity and Delf examinations.

For this project, we can count on the group of teachers that has put into practice all the things mentioned above. The team of teachers covers many areas such as Music, Maths, Social Studies, Physical Education , ICT , Biology and English with the constant support of the senior team. Besides, we have the engagement of the rest of the staff for help and advice on the project.

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